zondag 2 juli 2017

Dividend Income for June 2017

Dividend income, it’s amazing! Seriously, as I progress further and further in my financial independence journey I become increasinly convinced that dividend income is what keeps me on course. Monthly savings differ and stock prices love irrational ups and downs, but dividends from established businesses are something you can count on – month after month.

Everyone that plays or watches sports knows that keeping your eye on the ball is more important than taking into account what the other players are doing. It’s how you win the game, be that football, basketball, tennis or any other ball sports. And winning the financial independence game is what it’s all about.

Why do I like the boring and recurring nature of dividend income? Well, there’s two very good reasons.

First, every time a dividend payment hits my account I’m filled with joy that I made money without having to lift a finger. While I was sleeping, going out with friends, running on the beach, reading, and generally enjoying life businesses all around the world worked their asses off to forward me a piece of their profits. It’s a great recurring stimulus.

Second, I can take advantage of the double compounding effect. On the one hand I get to see how these dividends increase year after year, semi-automatically almost, while on the other hand I get to put fresh income immediately to work in the stock market again. As a result, I propell my passive income forward faster and faster as I progress.

Once that passive income surpasses my monthly expenses I’m effectively financially free and I could potentially retire early. So let’s see where I landed in June with regards to free-of-work income!

Dividends received

All dividends below are listed in Euros, and are after foreign withholding taxes and a 30% income tax levied by the Belgian federal government.

- Unilever: 121,65 EUR
- Reeds Elsevier: 221,1 EUR
- Realty Income: 50,7 EUR
-ExxonMobil: 122,7 EUR
-Royal Dutch Shell: 673,65 EUR
-Emerson Electric: 93,3 EUR

In total six companies’ dividends landed in my brokerage account, most of them being quarterly regulars. The total dividend income adds up to 1.283,10 EUR.

The dividend covers all my monthly expenses and I still have some dividend income left. This means I could save my entire income from working!

How was your month in terms of dividends? Have you recovered from the dividend bonanza of the past couple of months?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Awesome total for passive income earned in June. Nice to see we have a few names in common too paying us. As you mentioned, the best part of dividend income is that, for the most part, it's stable, reliable and predictable. Stock prices often move irrationally up or down but those dividends seem to come in more evenly. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Keith,

      It seems that a lot of dividend investors are drawn to the same stocks.


  2. you could not have said that better right on!

  3. That is a nice income from dividends...! shell is massive. how big is it in your portfolio? (pct wise)

    1. Hi AT,

      Shell is currently 8.25% of my portfolio. I bought a lot of them last year. They where to cheap to ignore at that point.



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